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Kafka Developer(Confluent)

Lincolnshire, IL
•Hands-on production experience and a deep understanding of the Kafka architecture and internals of how it works, along with the interplay of architectural components: brokers, Zookeeper, producers/consumers, Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams
•Strong fundamentals in Kafka administration, configuration, and troubleshooting
•Knowledge of Kafka clustering, and its fault-tolerance model supporting HA and DR
•Practical experience with how to scale Kafka, KStreams, and Connector infrastructures, with the motivation to build efficient platforms
•Best practices to optimize the Kafka ecosystem based on use-case and workload, e.g. how to effectively use topic, partitions, and consumer groups to provide optimal routing and support of QOS
•Experience with Kafka Streams / KSQL architecture and associated clustering model
•Hands-on experience as a developer who has used the Kafka API to build producer and consumer applications, along with expertise in implementing KStreams components. Have developed KStreams pipelines, as well as deployed KStreams clusters
•Experience with developing KSQL queries and best practices of using KSQL vs streams
•Strong knowledge of the Kafka Connect framework, with experience using several connector types: HTTP REST proxy, JMS, File, SFTP, JDBC, Splunk, Salesforce, and how to support wire-format translations. Knowledge of connectors available from Confluent and the community
•Hands-on experience in designing, writing and operationalizing new Kafka Connectors using the framework
•The familiarity of the Schema Registry
•Development Languages
•Solid programming proficiency with Java, and best practices in development
•Experience with monitoring Kafka infrastructure along with related components (Connectors, KStreams, and other producers/consumer apps)
•Familiarity with Confluent Control Center
•Working knowledge of Splunk, how it integrates with Kafka, and using it effectively as a Kafka operational tool
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