Scrum master/ Agile coach

Location: Seattle, WA
Date Posted: 01-18-2018
As a mentor, the Agile Coach is responsible for guiding teams into the Agile methodology, providing employees with feedback and means of improvement, catalyzing organizational growth and answering questions. They provide hands-on support to all employees, collaborating with people across widely varying levels and roles, leading teams toward further understanding and adoption of Agile as well as overall company growth and improvement.

Educate Colleagues

The Agile Coach must educate employees at all levels, including senior, and at times clients, on Agile principles, providing them with tools for implementing the process in their own work. They provide training sessions and teach valuable skills that lead toward the organization-wide adoption of Agile methodologies.

Required Agile Coaching Skills

The purpose of the coach is not only to educate, but also to guide the team by using best practices from their own experiences.  Since the agile methodology focuses on breaking things down into pieces and completing a piece every 15 days, agile coaches need to have excellent time management skills. The contracted coaching resource must have extensive experience in Waterfall to Agile transformation from an organizational, process, and personal perspective. Scaled Agile Framework experience is a must. The contractor must have extensive experience with remote team development and lean Agile the telecom industry.  The contractor must be assertive about adherence to Agile processes and enthusiastic about Agile practices and their benefits. 


 Remote team experience with Agile
• Having programming experience
• Showing proficiency in relevant programming languages
• Demonstrating strong knowledge of and background with Agile concepts
• Possessing prior experience coaching teams in Agile adoption or as a Scrum Master
• Having some background or coursework in Computer Science
• PMO must be able to support Agile transition across entire company
• Remote team experience and Agile
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